Fellowship Subcommittee


  • E. Comi­ni (Bres­cia, Italy)

Steering committee co-chair

  • M. Fleis­ch­er (Munich, Germany)
  • JP. Viri­celle (Saint-Eti­enne, France)

Past steering committee chair

  • C. Hierold (Zurich, Switzerland)

Past ES Fellow

  • Fel­low 2016    Euge­nio   Mar­tinel­li (Rome, Italy)
  • Fel­low 2017    Joan Daniel  Prades ( Barcelona, Spain)
  • Fel­low 2018    Emmanuel Scor­sone (Paris, France)

The Chair and each Fel­low would nor­mal­ly be expect­ed to serve up to three years on the Subcommittee.